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YouTube Certified status Members of our team have YouTube Certified status. This means we have all the necessary skills to grow audience numbers and develop sustainable YouTube channels.

Content production

Producing our own New-Media and TV shows is one of our major and priority aims. We have the required professional staff and partner facilities for creating common video blogs for WEB films with one camera as well as long TV series and other shows.

We are dealing with the full-circle of video production, from idea creation, script writing and the management of filming to post-production and publication of the finalized content on the biggest World Wide Video resources found on the Internet (Youtube, IVI, Rutube etc.).

If you have an original New-Media or ideas for TV shows that you truly believe in, please write it on a sheet of A4 paper and send it to us! Perhaps we can convert your idea into reality and bring it to air on TV or the Internet. Moreover, if you are skilled at making cartoons, dubbing videos, filming or cutting amazing videos, or excel in something else necessary for video production which is not mentioned in the above list, you are also welcome! We are always looking for staff with talent and a touch of genius!

YouTube premium partner

X-Media Digital provides video monetization services across the world’s leading video-platform – youtube.com.

We link channels to the YouTube monetization program in just one click, so the channel owner can experience all the benefits of YouTube Premium Partner status instantly.

For the right holders who are still not on YouTube, we create either new partner channels or offer one of our existing channels to place and monetize the content. More than 700 channels and right holders from around the world monetize their content on YouTube with us.

You can get more information from our special site.

Video Ads Sales-house

During the past 5 years, we have launched video ad campaigns for many global brands. What we can offer to advertisers is our audience and premium video content for the placing of ads. Contact our sales team at xdigital.ru to find out details about launching video ad campaigns.

Online video platform GetMovies.ru

GetMovies was launched in 2006 as the first legal full service digital video shop in Russia with approximately 50 thousand daily users. The video library consists of more than 4,000 items of content with a total duration of more than 1,500 hours.

WebSheriff - copyright projection

The WebSheriff project specializes in video content protection on the Internet.

It employs custom software developed by “X-Media Digital” and allows for the efficient search and removal of illegal copies of audio-visual material from a large number of Internet resources.

Our search robots work to protect your content 24 hours a day; 7 days a week.

New media rights management

We are aware that Digital Rights management provides challenges for any rights holder. New sites will appear every month and the patterns of content distribution and business models change rapidly. We co-operate with all key VoD platforms and provide full support for rights holders in new media rights management in Russia.